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Surprise! (Now Pay Up)

Originally posted on Angelus Novus:
One of the first things people ask me when we’re talking about wireless services in Canada is this: why should we care how much cell phones cost? Aren’t they a luxury? Well, the way we’re using our cell phones these days suggests otherwise – more and more Canadians are ditching…

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More from the BBC on food poverty

Originally posted on Aethelread the Unread:
A few months ago, the BBC published an article on their news website which purported to show how easy it is for a UK resident to eat a healthy, varied and delicious diet for less than £1 a day. I, following in the footsteps of many other people, did…

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Morality in Economics (and Elsewhere)

I just finished listening to CBC: The Invisible Hand, Episode 10 – Homo Economicus 2.0. The gist of the podcast was discussing the idea of economists modelling human behaviour in the marketplace via a sort of wire frame person acting its own self interest dubbed “Homo Economicus“. In recent years, an attempt has been made […]

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