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Time to Repartition the Hard Drive? (Maybe not…)

Figure 1: Attribution: Mageia 5 Installer Documentation – Partitioning with DrakX (http://doc.mageia.org/installer/5/en/content/doPartitionDisks.html) It’s been a hairy few weeks. Looking at my WordPress folder on my laptop I see my last post was back in the middle of March! I could enumerate a nice long list for you of why I’ve been away but I’m sure […]

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Mageia 3 Installed

I finally got my Linux distribution upgraded. After mulling over the options, I opted to install Mageia 3. It has been a good experience so far. KDE 4.10.2 continues to work for me as have past iterations of this graphical environment. Libreoffice 4.0.3 works without a hiccup. Amarok Music Player actually works properly now (it never […]

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Recommended Linux Distribution for Current Mandriva 2011.0 User

**WARNING: MAJOR GEEK ALERT** I’m hoping some of the folks out on WordPress might be able to help me with a suggestion. I’m looking to move to a new Linux distribution. I have been using the Mandriva distribution for a number years since it was called Mandrake and it was in version 8.0. Recently, I […]

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