Better Online Security (Not a New Year’s Resolution)

Figure 1: Attribution: Free for commercial use, No attribution required , via Pixabay I’m not making a New Year’s resolution though it appears to be suspiciously close to the beginning of the year. I’ve decided to take my online privacy and security a little more seriously. Recently, I listened to a podcast called IRL (specifically, Season 4, Episode 2 “Your Password Is the Worst”). It

Restoring Privacy of Personal Data: Richard Stallman’s Article in The Guardian

Figure 1: ‘Convenient digital payment systems can also protect passengers’ anonymity and privacy.’ Photograph: Debra Hurford Brown/PA I like reading The Guardian and I like articles by Richard Stallman. Imagine my surprise to see an article on The Guardian written by Richard Stallman! It actually turns out that he has written for them a few times already but it was news to me. While I