More from the BBC on food poverty

A good article on food poverty among the retired and working-poor.

Aethelread the Unread

A few months ago, the BBC published an article on their news website which purported to show how easy it is for a UK resident to eat a healthy, varied and delicious diet for less than £1 a day. I, following in the footsteps of many other people, did not find it persuasive, mainly because it involved pretending that a supermarket would only charge for the small fraction of a lettuce (or can of anchovies, or bag of pre-grated cheese, and so on) the BBC’s reporter actually used, when in reality he would have had to pay for the whole item. Undeterred, the BBC have now had a second crack at the topic of food poverty, in a TV show called Great British Budget Menu; it’s available to watch on the iPlayer until the wee small hours of 25th July.

This time Brian Milligan, the ‘Personal Finance…

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