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Kickstarter: Zeppeldrome: A Humorous, Hazardous Dirigible Rally

Kickstarter: Zeppeldrome: A Humorous, Hazardous Dirigible Rally “Zeppeldrome” is a humorous strategy game for 2-4 players where players race dirigibles through a silly and hazardous, floating obstacle coarse. The course is laid out next to a giant, floating zeppelin castle, and the dirigible pilots use anything at their disposal to help themselves, and to hinder […]

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I’m Backing Draco Magi on Kickstarter

I’m Backing Draco Magi on Kickstarter Draco Magi WWW.KICKSTARTER.COM A new strategic card game by Robert Burke & Richard Launius. Can you rise to power by proving your dragon mastery? I liked the review on Theology of Games (and they know their stuff) so I thought I’d back the kickstarter. It’s my first one so when […]

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Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Apparently, experiencedtutors thought enough of my nascent blog to award me the “Dragon’s Loyalty Award”. I very much enjoy experiencedtutors blog. I find his writing to be witty and his humour dry, which is very much to my liking. Thank you so much! If you don’t already follow experiencedtutors, please consider doing so; his blog is a real treat to read. […]

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