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Setting a Writing Schedule with a Busy Schedule

I think anyone who has tried to write something, anything, has run into this. I have found this to be the single biggest challenge to being able to maintain a blog or start a writing project. I have a a young family and I want to be an involved parent. I also have fitness goals […]

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The Versatile Blogger Award

It is my great pleasure to accept this award from experiencedtutors. You should really go over and have a look at his blog. He discusses his trials and tribulations as a private tutor in the UK as well as presenting little vignettes of life in and around the place where he lives. It’s a little […]

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Comment on Self-Assessment: The One Question Every New Writer Wants Answered

The One Question Every New Writer Wants Answered On the last day of the quarter, I often ask students in my memoir class to write down on an anonymous slip of paper a question about writing. When I did this recently, I received a number of questions about the legal implications of writing about others, […]

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