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Google Acquires Artificial Intelligence Startup DeepMind For More Than $500M

Google Search as your “cybernetic friend”…

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1000+ Views…Yay?

I recently hit 1000 views of my blog. I guess I should be excited or maybe not. It’s not like that is such a massive number. However, for my humble blog, I think it’s significant. I don’t do very much promotion beyond the Publicize feature to alert people I know on Twitter and Facebook (oh, […]

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It’s Time to Get Meta….

It’s depressing to see how much YouTube and BuzzFeed items I repost or reblog get looked at and how little anyone looks at my original material. Currently my highest number of views is 89 and that on a day I posted about an article on LinkedIn “Class of 2013: Four Things You Must Unlearn Immediately […]

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