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Writing Subjects & Blogging Styles

Do you ever get the feeling that someone, somewhere has written about what you’re about to write about and then found confirmation of that fact? I have gotten this a lot the few times I’ve sat down and tried to come up with a good idea for a work of fiction. My passion is science fiction and […]

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Killing the Myth of Speed Equalling Poor Writing

Killing the Myth of Speed Equalling Poor Writing Apparently writing 250 words per day works out to around 90000 words a year which is an average paperback novel. Writing 250 words takes about 15 minutes so you could be a novel a year author by writing 15 minutes a day. It’s probably an oversimplification or at least […]

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Can Ideas Rot? [Lifehacker]

Can Ideas Rot? [Lifehacker] “I have a new rule that I’m making for myself and holding others to: If you haven’t worked on something in the past two weeks, you’re not allowed to talk about it.” Steve Corona makes this bold statement at the beginning of his post on Lifehacker. I guess I’ve been trying to respond […]

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