Surprise! (Now Pay Up)

A good discussion on how a mobile phone/smart phone is becoming a necessity and how this puts consumers at the mercy of extra charges from roaming and data overages.

Angelus Novus

One of the first things people ask me when we’re talking about wireless services in Canada is this: why should we care how much cell phones cost? Aren’t they a luxury? Well, the way we’re using our cell phones these days suggests otherwise – more and more Canadians are ditching their landlines every day in favour of going wireless. Since so many people depend on wireless services in their daily lives, I would say it’s only natural that we should be concerned with their cost – all the more so considering communication spending is among the 7 largest expenses facing Canadian households.

During a recent interview, I was caught off guard when asked: “It sounds like you think cell phones are just for the rich. Is that true?” “Absolutely not,” I responded, “mobile phones might not be for everyone, but everyone should be able to make that choice for themselves…

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