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Kickstarter: oddball Aeronauts: Pirates vs. The Pendragon

oddball Aeronauts: Pirates vs. The Pendragon After reading this great review on Theology of Games, I decided to back this Kickstarter. Check it out. It looks like it going to be a lot of fun.

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Kickstarter: Zeppeldrome: A Humorous, Hazardous Dirigible Rally

Kickstarter: Zeppeldrome: A Humorous, Hazardous Dirigible Rally “Zeppeldrome” is a humorous strategy game for 2-4 players where players race dirigibles through a silly and hazardous, floating obstacle coarse. The course is laid out next to a giant, floating zeppelin castle, and the dirigible pilots use anything at their disposal to help themselves, and to hinder […]

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I’m Backing Draco Magi on Kickstarter

I’m Backing Draco Magi on Kickstarter Draco Magi WWW.KICKSTARTER.COM A new strategic card game by Robert Burke & Richard Launius. Can you rise to power by proving your dragon mastery? I liked the review on Theology of Games (and they know their stuff) so I thought I’d back the kickstarter. It’s my first one so when […]

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