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Net Neutrality Petition by Avaaz.org

Net Neutrality Petition by Avaaz.org This related back to my previous post: NET NEUTRALITY – SHOULD WE CARE? I’m not sure I completely approve of the bombastic title (Internet Apocalypse?) and image chosen (see above) for the petition’s page. However, it’s an important petition and Avaaz.org tends to get this done from an activism point of view. I […]

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Net neutrality is like a utility, except that it isn’t

Originally posted on WordsByNowak:
FedEx jets: why the internet is nothing like the postal service. Net neutrality has certainly taken a beating of late on both sides of the border. In the United States last week, a federal court effectively killed what few rules there were that prevented internet providers from discriminating between different types…

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Net Neutrality – Should We Care?

 Internet providers can prioritise certain types of web traffic over others, an American court has ruled. Why should Americans care? Moreover, why should the rest of the world care either? This short video from the Washington Post succinctly sums it up. In essence, the way this court has ruled means that certain content can be given […]

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