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A Metaphor for Struggling Mentally

I read somewhere on the internet (maybe on Twitter?) about a person who was describing how some days are harder get through for them than others. They used the analogy of preparing tea. On an easy day, it feels like it takes maybe three steps. On a more difficult day, it might take six steps. […]

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What if social anxiety isn’t a disorder?

Originally posted on Aethelread the Unread:
The BBC news website has a big article about social anxiety disorder, with specific reference to Christmas. It’s illustrated, of course, with one of those unintentionally hilarious photos that features editors love so much: a woman in a beige jacket and slightly unkempt hair, with one hand to her…

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Ideas: Rethinking Depression (Parts 1 to 3)

Ideas: Rethinking Depression (Parts 1 to 3) Depression is an illness that people have been grappling with for as long as there has been a semblance of civilization. There have been many attempts to treat the sufferers of this malady from sending these patients to the seaside, to putting them in asylums, to electroconvulsive therapy […]

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