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It’s Time to Get Meta….

It’s depressing to see how much YouTube and BuzzFeed items I repost or reblog get looked at and how little anyone looks at my original material. Currently my highest number of views is 89 and that on a day I posted about an article on LinkedIn “Class of 2013: Four Things You Must Unlearn Immediately […]

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Talks – TEDx: Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work?

I like Dan Ariely. He conducts very interesting experiments that reveal a great deal about why we make the choices we do within the economic context we are in. In this TED talk, he talks about what motivates us to work. Big surprise, it turns out not to just be money: Contrary to conventional wisdom, […]

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In defense of purposeless writing

Originally posted on bottledworder:
I have been wondering, like many a scattered soul on the blogosphere, about what it might mean to write aimlessly. By aimlessly I mean to write without a specific purpose such as to sell, to build a resume, to add to a larger work, or to vent. When I browse posts…

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