Tactical Suitcase Raptor

Seriously, it’s a Tactical Suitcase Raptor. Do I need to say anything else?

The Veil War

What is it?

Tactical Suitcase Raptors are the latest in Raptor Warfare technology. Think of them like a small scale suitcase nuke that is limited to a single room. We raise Raptors from an egg and when they’ve matured to optimal destruction age we lovingly pack them in a suitcase for you to let loose and destroy your foes in a furry of teeth and claws.

Why use it?

  • It looks like a natural predator attack (really who is going to believe you smuggled a raptor in a suitcase?)
  • They’re re-usable if you can get the raptor back in the suitcase

Proper Deployment of Your Tactical Suitcase Raptor

Point your Suitcase in the direction you want to deploy your raptor in.

Open the suitcase OUTWARD*

*Opening the suitcase facing you will result in imediate devouring of yourself. There are no refunds for an…

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