Lego Movie has a very relevant message for adults

This is a good article, not because of its review of the Lego movie but because of this:

On a personal level, it reminds me of how out of touch with my own imagination I’ve become and how much I wish I could get back to it. That saddens me because in between all the responsibilities of adult life there never seems to be enough time in the day to sit down and turn that Death Star into something new.

Maybe it’s just the week I’ve been having but what Mr. Nowak says here resonates. Maybe I just need more sleep. 🙂


lego-movieI’ve seen two movies in the past week that made me contemplate deepening adulthood and the phenomenon of getting older. The first was last year’s Before Midnight, the third entry in Richard Linklater’s series about Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy), a pair of star-crossed lovers who first met in 1995’s Before Sunrise. Nearly twenty years and a pair of twin girls later, the couple are just as much in love as they were back when grunge was still ruling the charts. However, the rigours of time have set in and the cracks of resentment are starting to show. Amid their loving and often-hilarious natural banter, there are also bitter fights, accusations and revelations of betrayal.

I found it to be an excellent movie, despite the exhausting arguments, because it made me think of my own relationships and how they’ve grown and evolved over time. Heading into…

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  1. robertsonwrites · · Reply

    I have to see this, I think. It’s gonna happen.

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