Can Ideas Rot? [Lifehacker]

Can Ideas Rot? [Lifehacker]

“I have a new rule that I’m making for myself and holding others to: If you haven’t worked on something in the past two weeks, you’re not allowed to talk about it.”

Steve Corona makes this bold statement at the beginning of his post on Lifehacker. I guess I’ve been trying to respond to this challenge with this blog. While I may not post as frequently as every two weeks in the future, I’m trying to at least work on blog topics and ideas in my Evernote notebooks as often as possible. I’m hoping that if I keep at this, I will be able to provide more meaningful content here.

In the past I’ve tried a briefer blogging style, akin to Twitter posts or bullet point content, but it feels like I’m cheating myself a bit. My bullet point notes can stay in my virtual notebooks; fuller content with a writing style belongs here. At least, I hope I have a writing style. I would welcome any advice or criticism on my writing; I feel it’s the only way it will get better.

The content of this blog is different. My previous blog was much more about my life rather than about ideas. While there is a place for that type of writing, I wanted to move into a wider range of topics and have my writing be judged for what arguments or thoughts it presents rather than have it be about me. As much as possible, I would like this blog to not be about me. You should not be thinking about writer but about the writing. Perhaps I’ve broken my own rule here but I felt I should try to explain what I’m trying to achieve here. Also, writing down what my purpose here is makes it more concrete.

Here’s to keeping my ideas fresh!

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