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I recently hit 1000 views of my blog. I guess I should be excited or maybe not. It’s not like that is such a massive number. However, for my humble blog, I think it’s significant. I don’t do very much promotion beyond the Publicize feature to alert people I know on Twitter and Facebook (oh, and Tumblr – it’s easy to forget about that service as I have spent no time on understanding what it’s about). I also cross-post blog entry links on Google+.

WordPress does a good job of enabling you to navel-gaze with respect to your blog and I fall easily into that trap. I could try to break the cycle but this is a post about the traffic on my blog so I should soldier on. It looks like May was my best month so far with my all-time largest number of views having occurred during that time period. Most of my views seems to come from either Google searches or from Twitter. For Google searches, I guess I’m doing an adequate job of tagging my posts. Twitter comes in at a very distant second with all other social media platforms hardly creating a blip. As I’ve stated before, the most traffic my blog sees is from when I link to a popular item on the Internet, like something on YouTube or BuzzFeed. Still, I have been averaging about 10 to 11 views per day for the last two months so I must be doing something right.

Really, I have no way to measure whether or not this blog is becoming successful. I’m not sure at this point that I want this blog to be too successful. I want to have a platform from which to write about things that interest me or provoke a response in me. Maybe I’ll want to write that novel that everyone is supposed to have in them as some point if I could ever come up with a good idea. This blog is a labour of love and I certainly don’t expect it to pay any bills.

To be brutally honest, I think I’m seeking validation that my writing is “good” and feedback on what I’ve written about. If my average number of views per day continues to increase that may be an indication that I am doing something right. Though, how many of those views are actual people actually reading my posts is something I can’t really determine. I wish I would get more comments but it seems that only happens on more established blogs. Good comments with constructive criticism would help me become a better writer.

Oh well, I guess 1000 views is something. Yay?

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