My 100th Post?!?

WordPress casually informed me that my last entry was my 100th post. I have to say it’s quite a milestone (for me anyway…) and I appreciate that it was a reasonable post with at least some of my own thoughts in it.

Life as grabbed me by the nose and dragged me away from writing as of late. In fact, I’m kind of squeezing in this post in between stuff at work, before it gets too busy. It’s not like I don’t have a lot of material. I still regularly listen to podcasts on the train commute to and from work. My Evernote notebook is chock full of thoughts and ideas I’d like to expand on. However, I’ve added “trying to get fit” to my list of things to do. This means a workout four times a week which eats into the little time I have between putting the kids to bed and sleep for myself. I’m pleased with the results so far and the approximately Paleo Diet I’m following isn’t too onerous. Weekends are typically filled with family stuff and life in general and spending time in front of a laptop doesn’t make sense.

I will be posting something at some point soon if only to feed that little creative writer in the back of my head. I think I’ll try for at least an original post a week (besides sharing interesting stuff from the internet), even if it’s something short.


  1. That’s so awesome, I am lagging behind at 40 lol.

  2. Keep in mind some of those posts are shares and reblogs so it’s not like I have 100 posts of original content.

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