Xbox One: the game console for non-gamers

Is Microsoft trying to broaden the audience for the Xbox One or just alienate gamers? I guess time will tell.


microsoft-xbox-oneAs a gamer, I must admit to being a little put off by Microsoft’s big reveal of its next-generation console, the Xbox One, on Tuesday. With a focus so far on the things I don’t care a lick about – live television, sports and Kinect voice controls – and a couple of gamer-unfriendly features, I can’t help but get the feeling that Microsoft is putting gamers in the backseat.

First, there’s the biggie – the always-on issue. For months, the rumour mill swirled about how Microsoft would require a persistent internet connection for games to work in any capacity on the next Xbox. It turns out that’s not entirely true, although the company confirms that all games will have to be installed on the console. Games will then be linked to a unique account and if anyone wants to use that same disc on another machine, they’ll have to…

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