The Running Man Runneth…10K

Run, You Fat Bastard!

A mostly accurate picture of me (maybe I have more hair)…

This weekend I did something that many would consider somewhat foolhardy: I participated in a 10km run. It was the Sporting Life 10K in Toronto. This was the first road race I ever participated in, never mind a 10 km one. I think I did pretty well. I ran it in 1:10:50 which I think is pretty okay for my first time out. I was 777 of 880 in my category (“SM40-44”). The best part of it was that I did it with my wife and that we encouraged each other to keep going.

Will I run another race? I definitely think so. Though I’m sore and tired today I feel like I’ve really accomplished something. I haven’t competed in anything since high school. I was hoping to just finish and I surprised myself with finishing as well as I did. I didn’t stop running the whole way.

I’m going to see how my legs are tomorrow evening. If they’re functional I’m going to go out running again.

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