Cutting Your Cable is a Bad Idea…Yeah, Right.

Thinking of cutting your cable? Well that’s a bad idea – Globe & Mail Video

I call BS. Only 1.3% of Canadians have cut off their cable? Where are they getting their statistics? Who is this Steve Ladurantaye? Apparently, he’s a journalist with the Globe & Mail.  The piece didn’t look at other legitimate options like TV Channel websites or even youTube. What we have here is a very poor and simplistic overview.

This really sounds like an ad for the big media outlets like Rogers and Bell.


  1. This Steve Ladurantaye can certainly provide you with more information. The numbers are from Convergence Consulting. Here is the story that sketches it out in more detail, because, as you note, I’m apparently a journalist at the Globe (that’s true)…

    1. Steve, thank you for the background information. I also notice that there is now an Editor’s Note explaining where the 1.3% came from associated with the video. This is good though “The consultants put those numbers through its algorithms to determine the likely rate of cord cutting.” does seem a bit vague. Also, the examples given on why one shouldn’t get rid of cable services are not convincing unless you’re a baseball fan or a fan of a specific children’s program.

      1. I’m not privy to their algorithms… as for the choice of examples, they are just broad categories. Feel free to disagree – it’s just a two minute opinion piece after all.

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