A Quick Thought…

We will need to see how this evolves over time but I wanted to set up a new home for posting longer format thoughts. I was on live journal (Mr. Weasel’s Live Journal Blog) but they seem to be having a lot of Denial of Service issues related to their ownership by a Russian company and “dissident activity” (whatever that means). In reality, I have been out of the habit as of late of posting longer entries. Family, house maintenance and everything else eats up time that would be spent on blogging.

My hope is to post, realistically not too frequently, any longer thoughts I feel like recording. This may be about politics, technology or anything else that catches my fancy. Hell, I may even post some short fiction if I feel like it.

For the more visually-oriented (and to test out the features on this thing), I’m at attaching a couple pictures of a recent outing I had with my daughter, Isabella, sledding in the park.ImageImage

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